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Be Mine: Valentine Recipe Round-up


Whether you’re spending Valentine’s Day with your better half, your partner in crime, or a quiet night by yourself next to a fire, make it extra special with a homemade dessert. Here are 15 of our chocolatiest, strawberriest, and most decadent recipes that won’t let you or your guest down.  More

Red Velvet Epilogue: Morsels of Sweetness

Cakewiches Abound!

The petit fours,  mignardises, or anything mini that is sweet and to die for has always piqued my interest.  A little morsel of sweetness while not feeling the guilt of a huge slice of cake; the ability to pick and choose between different flavors, colors and decorations brings the child out in me. Who could resist that child like excitement? The whole idea is enveloped in the notion of play time and illusion. More

The First of Many Red Velvets

Red Velvet Cupcake Display

It just so happens that as Tia and I started to embark on this baking journey, my husband was about to have a birthday. Immediately we saw the opportunity for our first blog post. When we asked him what kind of cake he would like for his birthday he went with Red Velvet, a staple chocolate cake of the south – which is suiting since he grew up there.

The truth is the year prior I had made him a Red Velvet cake from a cookbook a friend had bought for me, and it tasted great – but I had a few critiques for it, which turns out are pretty common for Red Velvet cakes:

  1. It didn’t taste like a chocolate cake
  2. It was a bit crumbly
  3. Although not too dry it certainly was not velvety

So this year when we started to look for a recipe to try for Red Velvet we considered all of the options before us and did some research.