Ok, so you got me… I am not Irish! However, you wouldn’t  live in Boston if you didn’t  have at least one friend with the last name “Sullivan” or “Fitzgerald,” and I have both! But with St. Patrick’s Day coming around the corner, I thought it would be fitting to dust off a traditional Irish recipe that I have been meaning to try for a while. This recipe was actually given to me by a colleague from work, who happens to be a “Devlin,” who said that it is her traditional family recipe; although she admitted to tweaking it a little over the years.

This is a sweet irish bread (not a soda bread) that is more of an afternoon tea kind of treat. It is excellent by itself or toasted and slathered with butter. I do have to say that my favorite part about this recipe is that it is not overly sweet, and it’s also very easy and requires very few ingredients. More