Hot Chocolate Cupcakes

With the weather here in New England finally deciding to gift us with 3 feet of snow, what is more comforting than hot chocolate? Here at B2tF Homemade Hot Chocolate, while being a fav, doesn’t quite quench the need for a fresh baked good. If you search the internet you will get plenty of recipes that are called a “hot chocolate cupcake” and all of them look great, but they didn’t quite live up to the B2tF standard. So this got us thinking, how would we translate this classic drink into a cupcake form?


The ULTIMATE Smores Cake

I may be biased, but I believe that we may have outdone ourselves with this newest cake! This Devil’s Food S’mores cake came about while dreaming about summer, which obviously is gone… and with Thanksgiving now over, won’t be back for at least another 6-9 months. New England weather… so unpredictable! More