Gluten Free

Greek Almond Cookies

A while back I stumbled across a recipe for Amygdalota (aka “Greek Almond Cookies”) and I decided that I would have to try them. Not only do they look delicious, they taste delicious, they are really simple to bake, and who can pass up a gluten free cookie these days? More

Ukrainian Walnut Torte

In our family this walnut torte is a staple for any special occasion. I have taken to making this for work potlucks as well, since it is  naturally gluten free. The texture of the cake is tender and crumbly, and the fillings tend to hold it all together nicely. Following are some suggestions, tips and tricks to baking and assembling this Ukrainian tradition! More

Fluffy European Buttercream

Recently, we were talking about how we would like to find a buttercream icing recipe that isn’t so painfully sweet and heavy.

After a bunch of searching, I found the base for a European-style Buttercream which promised to be rich and fluffy but not too sweet, and I was intrigued. More

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