Thai Tea Fudge

Let’s talk about petite indulgences for a moment here. I personally can’t resist a beautiful looking candy, one that someone has taken the time to hand decorate and make into a little piece of art. So, when Ari and I decided to make fudge for the first B2TF Tea Party it couldn’t be just any old fudge. More

Matcha Green Tea Petit Fours

When Ari and I originally sat down to discuss our adventures into baking with tea (and our tea party menu), petit fours were the first item on the list. We started by compiling a list of flavor combinations, finally settling on a Match Green Tea Genoise. This cake is a drier sponge cake that is usually meant to be slathered or brushed with a simple syrup which usually contains alcohol. We used a similar recipe in my Birthday Cake post. More

“You Got Chocolate on My Peanut-Butter” Cookies

A friend of mine recently got a promotion at work which required her to relocate to a new office a couple of offices down from mine. I sent her a congratulatory email, and this is what I got in response:

“Thanks [Ari]! I’m kinda worried about working near you, since you bring so many baked goods to work! j/k :)”

So what else is a girl to do, but bring in a treat for her first day! I’m evil – I know. More

Almond Ricotta Torte

“They say it’s my birthday!”… I know, I know, Ari’s was last week, but what can I say? Apparently, it’s true what they say about springtime, and the birds and the bees – well, at least in our family!

Anyway, since Ari got to choose her favorite flavors to be featured in last weeks post (peanut butter cup-cakes), we decided it was only fair to let me choose this week. So: peanut butter/chocolate is to Ari as marzipan/sweet ricotta is to me! More

Flaky and Moist Scones: The Red Velvet Experiment

Display of Scones

Once you have had a scone (and not just any scone, but one that is flaky and moist) you begin to wonder: where have you been my entire life? Well, I already have a base recipe that I have been playing with for some time, which gives you just that: a flaky and moist scone. So when we started talking about what direction to take this post, we decided… Why not? More red velvet! More

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