Blueberry Lemon Oatmeal Cookies


We believe that there are some combinations that were just made in heaven, and one of those is the pairing of blueberry and lemon. The idea for these cookies came courtesy of a head-strong toddler, who insisted that the chocolate chips in her mini-kitchen’s fake plastic chocolate chip cookies were, in fact, “Booberries.”  We immediately thought, “That’s a great idea!” and off to the kitchen we went. . . . and a blueberry lemon twist on the traditional oatmeal raisin cookie was born.


Blueberry Tart

This recipe has been one of my standard summer recipes for a few years now. This is because it is super easy to make, and is perfect for a light and sweet desert for any summer BBQ or get together. It has a great, not to sweet, blueberry jam inside topped with fresh berries on top, and it is held together with a crumbly buttery shortbread crust. How can you beat that?! More