Irish Whiskey & Chocolate Banoffee Pie

Whiskey Chocolate Banoffee Pie_1

Happy PI(e) DAY!

March 14th has been dubbed Pi day. Pi represents the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter (3.14159265359…), and with today being March 14, 2015 (3.1415), SUPER Pi DAY, we had to celebrate with actual pie. Humor us on this most irrational day of the century… this won’t happen again till 2115!


A Banana Birthday Cake


Those of you who follow our blog will have taken note that our posts have been much more infrequent over the past year. This is due to the fact that Bake 2 The Future has a new addition… and the youngest member of our baking crew just turned ONE! More

Banana Bread Pudding – Challah!

Nothing says winter comfort food like bread pudding, and when you make it with an awesome bread like Challah, it’s simply irresistible! At first this baking endeavor was solely to meet a craving on a snowy weekend, but after being disappointed with all of the recipes we found, we decided we should make our own. More