We all have questions, here are some that we frequently hear:

Who’s in the kitchen?

  • Tia has a Masters in Fine Arts with a focus in sculpture and drawing. She likes hiking, long walks and anything to do with almonds. As an artist, Tia loves being creative when it comes to the kitchen, turning a cookie cutter recipe into a work of art.
  • Ari received her Masters in Political Science and works in the IT field. She is a bit of a geek, likes solving problems and loves anything to do with chocolate and peanut butter – preferably together. When it comes to the kitchen Ari enjoys discovering new recipes and trying new things in order to find that “perfect” mix.

Why the name “Bake 2 the Future”?

  • Being babies of the 80’s and with dreams of one day opening a cafe, the name just fit.

Where are you located?

  • Tia livesĀ in Boston, MA. While Ari just relocated to North Carolina with her husband to raise their family.

How does the long distance baking work?

  • We use the blog as a discussion board for new ideas and experiments. When one of us feels we have hit the “jackpot” of recipes we share it with the other, tweak it in our own kitchens, discuss it over the phone or through FaceTime and voila! You have yourself a B2TF recipe.

Do you Cater?

  • We currently do not cater but it is something we are thinking about, if you would like to see us do so in the future please express your interest in an email to feedback@bake2thefuture.com so we can take this into consideration.
  • We do donate our time and kitchen to various churches and charity events when possible.